Our roots stem from 1st hand experience in the trades.  Family businesses provided an early opportunity for learning the merits of good old-fashioned physical labor.  Later, an intuitive sense of building and genuine passion for construction took flight.  These are the roots of Da'Brou and with over 50 years of cumulative construction experience spanning the Commercial, Residential, Semi-Industrial and Specialty Build sectors, Da'Brou brings this vast history to every new project we take on.


Behind the scenes, our innovations are 2021.  Since the construction landscape

is forever shifting,  Da'Brou seeks out the trendsetters to bring you the latest and greatest.  From manufacturer improvements in existing product lines or emerging companies with new products, to breakthroughs in environmental impact and preservation - our research and development work is never done.  Da'Brou's ongoing process to stay acquainted with what the construction & design industries have to offer translates into better budget and design options for our clients.


Many of our past Commercial projects hail from a combination of the local, national and international Retail and Restaurant markets.  Also included are

car washes, gas stations, interior office build-outs and medical space retro-fits. 

Specialty Builds / Semi-Industrial
Later, our services expanded to include "Specialty Builds".  These extraordinary projects had unique equipment requirements and/or site development peculiarities which did not fall neatly into one category.  Da'Brou has completed projects for food-grade production and warehouse sites.

Historic and Vintage

These incredible structures are deserving of their own category.  Da'Brou has developed the reputation for undertaking the renovation of really, really, old buildings.   These are the types of vintage and historic buildings ghost stories

are made from!  (Of course, we'll let you decide if there are any ghosts present).


As a well versed company, we've also successfully completed work in the Residential sector for single family, multi-unit, semi-custom and high-end custom home construction.  

Blending Our History

with Modern Trends

Meet The Team

Christina Luzwick

Executive Administrator & Construction Liaison 

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Peter Baroud

President & Chief of Operations 

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We all know good people are hard to find so when Da'Brou partners with great architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers, we're proud to have them participating on our construction projects! 

Here are just a few of the many people behind the scenes that get your project across the finish line and make us smile while we're working hard! 

(Well, some were too busy to stop

for a photo opp.)

Architectural Partnership
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